Mannheim Rex
Monster. Love story. A psychotic sheriff with a cockroach circus in his head.


After the sudden death of his wife, best-selling horror writer Gavin Corlie has a hard time keeping a grip on the world around him. Gavin buys an old house nestled into a hillside overlooking a lake in upstate New York. It is here, where things seem idyllic, that he hopes to finally begin the elusive process of healing.

when Gavin learns that he has moved into an ecosystem that is vastly different than the one he left when a handicapped boy named Finn Horn nearly drowns on the lake. Out here people keep disappearing – and Finn insists that there is a monster out there. Is Sheriff Xavier Pope – a vodka and Benzedrine fueled menace who hunts children to placate the cockroach circus that lives inside his mind – responsible?

In Mannheim Rex, the characters are pitted against something much older, and much more menacing, than a bad cop with insects in his head; Gavin and Finn are hunted by a nightmare that has survived since the 13th century, evolving with a single purpose – to feed.

Mannheim Rex is available in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It has also been published in Denmark and will soon be published in France.